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Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of fashion and art, where self-expression takes on a whole new level of luxury. TLW aims to redefine the fashion art movement, offering exquisite hand-painted creations that make bold statements and ignite aesthetic appreciation. Indulge in the allure of exclusive wearable art or collectible masterpieces, meticulously crafted to capture your heart.
Experience the magic of personalized luxury fashion accessories, each adorned with bespoke hand-painted artwork. Our artisanal creations elevate simple observations and unforgettable experiences into cherished possessions, embodying the essence of craftsmanship and individuality.


Bespoke: Bags | Sneakers | Garments

Want some quirky Pop Art on your treasured fashion accessory? From simple Monograms to complex Artworks, We do it all for you, Be it on your Shoes, Bags, Trunks Jackets, Small Leather Accessories, etc.! 

Where Art meets Fashion

Immerse yourself in the epitome of true luxury—an extraordinary fusion of exclusivity and personalized craftsmanship. At TLW Art House, we venture beyond the creation of exceptional products; we embark on an enchanting journey, forging everlasting bonds with our discerning clientele. Drawing inspiration from the tapestry of everyday culture, we breathe new life into familiar elements, infusing them with a fresh perspective and profound meaning.
Our gifted artisans meticulously hand-paint original designs onto revered luxury brands, bestowing each creation with a vibrant essence. From intricate artworks adorning Hermès, to timeless stripes and monograms gracing Goyard, from lively pop art enhancing Louis Vuitton, to opulent recolouring elevating Chanel, and from captivating floral masterpieces embellishing Gucci, to bespoke customisations enhancing Yeezy Shoes—every piece emanates the unmistakable imprint of our masterful artistry.
Embark on a captivating voyage into our realm, where luxury converges with artistry, and where personalized encounters transcend conventional boundaries. TLW Art House invites you to savour the extraordinary, celebrating the art of reimagining the familiar with an understated touch of opulence.



Our team of highly skilled artisans will work with you to customize your luxury products to your exact vision and create unique hand-painted pieces across a variety of luxury fashion accessories. We stand out for our Creativity, Craftsmanship, and Rarity.

So if you're looking for Personalised Gifts for your loved ones or for yourself with a blend of wit, playfulness, reality, and dreams, TLW is the perfect place to get it done!

We use the highest grade of imported paints & mixers, so as to give the ultimate finish to your products.

  • We ship internationally- we regularly work with International clients from all over the world
  • We will hand paint on any fashion accessory from bags, to shoes, to jackets
  • We hand paint on any brand from Luxury goods to high street brands
  • Every material is treated differently and handled with the utmost care
  • We use specialized preparation methods to ensure the longevity of the artwork. The artwork is designed to last- it will not chip, fade or peel if treated with care
  • Lead-time varies and is dependent on the type of commission

Customized Pricing Model

The Bespoke service that we offer is a Luxury service that we can do either on our products or on your products. The approximate rates for getting any artwork done  are as follows:

  • Simple Monogram / Initials / Name: INR 1,499 - 2,499
  • POP Art Alphabets: INR 1,999 - 2,999
  • Stripes & Initials: INR 4,499 - 8,999
  • Simple / Small Artworks: INR 2,999 - 5,999 (Quotes, Characters, Logos etc)
  • Medium Detailed Artworks: INR 6,999 - 19,999 (Floral Artworks, Watches, Portraits, Animals / Birds etc)
  • Complex / Detailed Artworks: INR 14,999 - 74,999 (Bespoke Designs, Custom Work on Big / Small Items)

NOTE: These rates exclude the product charge, GST (18%), but include Express Shipping drop (door-to-door) in India. Worldwide Shipping Options Available.

PAYMENT TERMS: Our payment terms are 100% advance, via Paytm, PayPal, GooglePay or Bank Transfer.

Rates for artwork on your products depends on the artwork, its complexity, and size. We can quote you the same once we know what kind of artwork you want and on what product.

For any further queries or clarifications, please fill our Bespoke Request Form below or chat with us via Whatsapp at link and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can pick any theme/design that you have in your mind, and our artisans will recreate the same for you on your accessory.

PS: Kindly note, these are samples that have been created by us. All Characters (Like Monopoly Man, Richie Rich, Simpsons, etc), have been created as samples in-house, and are not sold commercially. 

For more designs and Inspiration, check our our Instagram Page at Link