About Us

The Leather Works (TLW) a tribute to quintessential Contemporary Fashion and Luxury Design. TLW is an Art House that is redefining Luxury and Wearable Art.

Our founder, Sanjana Gupta started TLW in 2018 observing the demand for personalization and her love for luxury and modern fashion drive who we are and what we do. Sanjana, as an admirer of Craftsmanship and Uniqueness, thought that there was hardly anything that was Hand made, Artistic and Modern, which reflected someone’s own personal style.

That is when the tiny seed of The Leather Works was planted!

The brand plans to fulfill and provide Personalized leather and faux leather products at affordable prices globally. Our team of highly skilled artisans creates unique hand-painted pieces across a variety of luxury fashion accessories. We stand out for our Creativity, Craftsmanship and Rarity.

Our art is for the ones who do not settle for an accessory but have their own personal style reflect on what they wear and carry along with them, people who like to express themselves confidently and set new trends.

We at TLW, transform plain leather and other products into stunning, unique and timeless pieces.

Names, Stripes, Numbers, Initials, Pop Art etc, name any and we do it all for you. All the Personalisation is Hand Painted using exclusive paints developed after extensive research to maintain the versatility and elegance of each product. In addition, we also give our customers an option to choose from a variety of Mesmeric Stickers, giving them a unique product and thereby expressing their individuality.

So if you're looking for Personalised Gifts for your loved ones or for yourself with a blend of wit, playfulness, reality and dreams, TLW is the perfect place to get it done!

It is also a privilege to offer our Bespoke Service, so if you want an Art Piece close to your heart to be hand painted on your Luxury or Special Products, we make your ideas come to life, with art that consists of one of a kind hand painted artworks. Every commission is crafted with individual attention from start to finish in the TLW Workshop using our Proprietary Techniques. Your experience is discreet and personal. Our team will work with you to customise your leather product to your exact vision, thus, redefining the Luxury Leather Landscape along the way.