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Our Top 9 picks of Luxury Travel Essentials worth the Splurge!

Venturing over land, seas, and skies, for some, traveling is a way of life. And when preparing your packing list this holiday season, don’t underestimate the value of stylish essentials that will alleviate your generalized holiday anxiety (and make traveling around the holidays much more pleasant, of course!). Whether you're heading to India, Africa or the Americas, TLW brings you a selection of luxury essentials that are worth the splurge to help you hit the five continents and defy changing time-zones in style.

1). Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Travel on the plane, train, or even a bus in total comfort with an innovative travel pillow. While other passengers are fidgeting with those beanbag neck noodles, trying (and failing) to get some shuteye, your head will be gently tilted as you dream about your destination. Wake up ready to explore, refreshed and pain-free.

TLW Recommends: TRTL Chin Supporting Travel pillow (


2). Travel Wallet

Invest in a travel wallet, it will ensure that all your travel documents, passport, boarding pass, hotel confirmation, itinerary, oversized foreign currency (that won’t fit in my wallet) is insanely organized. Carry globally accepted foreign currencies such as USD or Pounds for any duty-free purchases or swift airport transits. 

TLW Recommends: The leather Works Personalized Handpainted Travel wallet  (


3). Stylish Carryon

A seasoned traveler knows the importance of luggage that instantly catches your eye on the conveyor belt. Our luggage should pull more than its weight- They should be thoughtful, with features that solve real travel problems and premium materials chosen to be resilient and beautiful.

When two of the biggest names in Luggage & Style, mix together, it’s a hands down yes yes. The unmistakable Supreme Logo on Rimowa would turn heads at any Airport. Keep it Rolling!

TLW Recommends: Rimowa Supreme Collection (


4). High Tech Wireless Headphones

Set your own noise cancelation level and relax with your comfortable, lightweight headphones. You hear what you want so you won’t miss boarding or in-flight announcements.

TLW Recommends:  Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones (


5). Personalised Luggage Tag

Ensure that your bag stands out in the blur of black on the conveyer belt with a chic Personalized Luggage tag with your initials on it.


TLW Recommends: The Leather Works Personalized Handpainted Luggage Tags (


6). Signature Fragrances

Having a spritz of fragrance handy can pep you up when you’re feeling lackluster. It’s best to keep the one that comes in a travel size.

TLW Recommends:

Women: Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum (

Men: Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous (


7). Luxury iPhone 

A good luxury phone with great camera quality and user-friendly features is a must while on a holiday.

We think that a phone should be something personalized that everyone would love to wear together with his or her favorite fashion accessories. Personalize your iPhone even more by having your name or initials hot stamped on the skin.


TLW Recommends: Golden Concept iPhone X  (


8). Portable Power Bank

There’s nothing more annoying than your smartphone or laptop battery running out while traveling. Well, a power bank is a must to carry along with you when you are traveling long distances. You can’t always find a plug point when you are out in the woods, or on a beach, or any open space whatsoever. If you have a power bank, you are good to go!


TLW Recommends: Mophie Power Bank (  

8). GoPro Hero 6

Want to capture the adventure that gives you that adrenaline rush? Want to live that moment again? It’s a no without the GoPro Hero 6 in your bag. It’s a great camera for the novice or casual user, who just wants to capture the action without worrying about which frame rate or resolution they should be using.

TLW Recommends: GoPro Hero 6 (

P.S. Don’t forget to reserve a table at that Michelin star restaurant you’ve always wanted to try ;)

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